Feature: Aldo Shoes South Africa

I had the AMAZING opportunity to shoot with Aldo through @thebeardedmuse in January this year! Keep an eye out on Aldo South Africa’s official Instagram page for more, but in the meantime here’s a sneak peak on some of the final looks:



Aldo Shoot

Aldo S1

Make Up: Caroline Greeff

Styling: Jadie Williams

Photography: Thembani Manganyi


Throwback Season




It is no new tale that classic brands have bounced back in the fashion world and has influenced trends not only on the street, but on the runway as well. Comfortable basketball uniform and sportswear “throwbacks” are staple pieces for street style today, rooting inspiration from music influencers such as RUN DMC (with that classic Adidas sneaker of course!). Although fashion is greatly influenced by art, music, architecture, politics, design, nature and literally everything around us, this emerging trend falls in line with the growing gender-neutral direction fashion has taken which indicates that fashion styles are drifting away from being gender-specific. This market shift is embraced by younger generations first and is adapted by influencers all across the globe.



Cropped Hoodie: Supre

Sweatpants: Kappa

Heels: The Fix


Today we see brands such as Kappa, Fila, Champion, Vintage Nike & Adidas steal sports luxe trends, and influence designer labels. These collections include a nostalgic selection of T-shirts, jackets, shorts and pullover sweaters. Elements of tailoring, casual wear and even vintage-looking pieces are combined for a sports-infused look throughout fashion capitals. The look is strongest when it contains tailored pieces which are often trimmed with go-faster stripes.



Basketball Jacket: Vintage Hornets

Shorts: Mr Price

Heels: The Fix


Photographer: Monique Van Den Heever

Quick Post: Modern Retro


We are enamored with the past. We live in a time where the internet allows us to research information about the past and relive historical moments at a click of a button. You’ll be lucky to come across old school locations such as Mustang Sally’s and to experience what it may have been like back then. Retromania has brought along a revival in rockabilly styles in fashion and even retro diners and restaurants that seem to have been suspended in time.

We shot a modern all black look to juxtapose the retro background of a classic diner, creating a modern take on a vintage feel. Yes, I felt like Sandy for a moment (Grease reference).

Location: Mustang Sally’s – Hatfield, Pretoria.


Photographs: Monique van den Heever

Make Up: Azraa Trook

Styling: Jadie Williams & Siya Hoyana


Petite Girl Problems


Sewing, hemming, stitching, cutting, down sizing, altering – the story of my life & one of the most common problems petite women have! Whether it’s gaping at the shoulders, too wide at the waist or too long at the ankle, the amount of times we have to get alterations done to garments is frustrating to say the least. Although oversized trends have become really fashioned, I find it annoying to have to alter garments that I really love on a regular basis – PANTS!


I have found that not many retailers cater to petite girls/women, and those that do, stock a limited amount of items, run out of sizes quickly and sometimes the garments aren’t fashionable. I know that there are many women that struggle to find clothes that fit perfectly and therefore do not bother going around shopping for clothes at all to avoid disappointment, and quite frankly I do not blame them. While most say, “Just put a belt on” or “I know a tailor”, what we (petite girls) really want are clothes that fit perfectly without the hassle or added effort of altering clothes.


These high waisted flare pants with bell fringe details are a MUST-HAVE from Zara, captured from the sale rack with one size small to spare, I definitely had some sewing to do to perfect the fit.



A slim waistline is always flattering, so when altering pants I make sure to synch in the waist to create an hourglass silhouette, emphasizing my body shape and the little bit of curves I have.



Photographed by: Monique Van Den Heever

Jewellery by: Miss H Jewellery Design

New Neutral

When we think of the term “neutral” the common tones that come to mind would be white, nude, and grey. Tapping into the Spring/Summer color trend forecast for 2017, staple pieces transition effortlessly from Winter to Spring by taking on a ‘new neutral’ color palette which ranges from cool blue, soft yellow, camel and faded pink tones. These are simple go-to neutral looks that can be styled for any casual or semi-formal occasion accompanied by a white, and black & white setting to complete the look with that pop of neutral hue.







Rouged Top: Zara

High Waisted Skort: Zara

Strap Heels: Steve Madden





Cropped sweater: Zara

High Waisted Flare Pants: Zara

Heels: Zara



Photographed by: Monique Van Den Heever

Make Up: Caroline Greeff


As style and fashion changes quicker than seasons do, individuals are starting to create their own unique sense of styles. Normalcy has peaked, that’s why these days its all about basking in the unexpected. Its cool to be weird, and the freshest denim designs echo the latter. An emerging trend to lookout for in the upcoming season is reconstructed and customized denim designs.


Denims: Topshop


Top: Customized by Jadie Williams

The styling for this piece is all about texture and layers. The styling sentiments edge, eclectic denim washes, oversized proportions and exaggerated layering. Everyday must-haves such as denim jackets, trousers, dresses and skirts have a DIY finish thanks to distressed or patchwork surfaces that communicate a recycled sentiment.


Denim: PnP Clothing & Denim Shorts: H&M


Shirt: Topshop & Jacket: Thrifted

Key trends to look out for:

Unpredicted details such as skewed hems, cutaway yokes, repositioned pockets and spliced applications. It’s all about adding a touch of unexpected elements to simple pieces. Utilising recycled denim is key to furthering a DIY attitude.



Photographed by:

Eli Fernandes


Luther James Galloway

Jadie Williams

Trend Alert: Denim July

Dusted Pastel Pink

Marshmallow pastels have been one of my favourite shades and tones to style for the current season. Pastel tones create a soft, feminine feel to any look and has an influence on modern romanticism where muted tones are valued as the “New Look”. The great thing about pastel tones is that they can be matched together, with metallic embellishments, eccentuated with neutrals and matched alongside bold shades & tones to create colour contrast. I have styled the colour pallette in three edgy ways:


Aesthetic Nudes




Deep V-neck Jumper: H&M

Sweatpants: H&M

Heels: Steve Madden

Accessories: Topshop

A Hint of Black


Deep V-neck Jumper: H&M

High-Waisted Culottes: River Island

Jacket: Fashion Express

Chunky Heel: The Fix


Something Thrifted


Deep V-Neck Jumper: H&M

Sweatpants: H&M

Oversized Coat: Thrifted

Sneakers: New Balance


Photos by: Kutlwano Diphoko – @cursedbycotton



Photo by: Kutlwano Diphoko


I am so ecstatic to have finally submitted my first blog post — yes, that doesn’t mean I am officially a blogger, but it’s the first step right? Obviously it takes a lot of time and hard work to become the next Nadia Jaftha or Aisha Baker, although both of the above mentioned ladies make it look so effortless, the purpose of my page is quite the contrary. As opposed to being a renowned South African blogger I’m just here to share my wardrobe insight with my readers by showcasing my style and unique sense of styling for the everyday individual. I will be posting different fashionable looks as well as keeping readers up to date with for trends as well as key items to shop locally with stores purchased at included. Being petite, my main struggles were finding clothes that actually fit and suited my body type without alterations and adjustments, although there are only a hand full of retailers that actually cater to petite girls and women, my blog aims to advise girls on the correct fit and style best suited to small figured females.

As a quick introduction of myself and a little background as to why I have started this page:

I am Jadie Williams, a 24 year old fashion student at LISOF studying towards my BA Fashion Buying degree. I have always loved fashion and I remember being concerned about the way garments are meant to fit, feel and look at a very young age. Growing up, I watched a ton of cartoons — weirdly enough Pepper Ann was one of my favourites — which influenced the way I wanted to dress and look. Because my sense of style back then didn’t mean anything to my parents, I could never get the trendy pair of jeans I always wanted or the top with THAT specific design or print on it so I drew and cut out paper dolls where I was able to design and dress ‘myself’ in anything I wanted. These days I get approached by people that would always ask me where I bought whatever I am wearing and friends would ask me to style them or to help them pick out outfits at the mall.

The comments, likes and follows I’ve been receiving on social media deeply inspired and motivated me to start The Wardrobe Next Door. There is power in being able to influence the way someone dresses but even more so in being influenced. There is balance in both. Through clothes we are able to express ourselves, evoke emotion and create perception. Personally, fashion is more than placing two garments together in an appealing manner. To me, it is an invitation to who you truly are. As a petite girl, I find it challenging to source items of clothing that suits my body structure, and that actually fits me without altering hemlines. I know that there are plenty of girls and women that go through the same struggles as I do in that regard therefore I have created this platform to share my tips and trade insight as to where to shop and how to style looks specifically for petite women.




Clothes are an art piece for the body’s canvas.



First Blog Post!